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Coronavirus Update

As the coronavirus outbreak unfolds, currently no cases have been reported in South Africa.

Our Minister of Health Mr Zweli Mkhize has stated that there is no cause for panic as procedures have been put in place at Cape Town and OR Tambo which are the only two entry points for direct Lights from Asia. Procedures will include temperature screening for all international travellers especially from China which has been enhanced with additional screening.
Currently there are no restriction on travel to China, but the Ministry of Health has advised travellers to avoid the City of Wuhan in China and avoid markets where animals or fi sh are present. The Health Department also encouraged good hand hygiene and coughing etiquette to avoid/reduce the risk of contracting the Coronavirus.
Situation update
In Wuhan 2700 reported cases and 81 deaths;
In the rest of China there have been 278 confi rmed
cases in:
• 258 in Hubei Province;
• 14 in Guangdong Province;
• 5 in Beijing;
• 1 in Shanghai;
Of the 278 cases
• 51 are severely ill;
• 12 are in a critical condition; with
• 6 recorded deaths.
There are been 13 other a ected Countries outside of China including 5
cases in the USA and 3 in Africa.
The current fatality rate in around 3% which is lower than the 10% reported for the SARS outbreak in 2003 and much lower than the 40% reported cases of the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) which is another mutation of the virus from the animal trade. Actions taken in preventing the spreading of this virus
• Transportation into and out of Wuhan and other cities have been
• Chinese health o cials have a travel ban to 17 cities;
• Lunar New Year festivals have been cancelled;
• Shanghai Disneyland has been closed.
The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in America is working closely with the United States Government and local public health authorities to identify potential cases early which will ensure patients get the best possible care. It also highlights that with the approaching season it is highly recommends getting a flu vaccine to stop the spread of germs and taking  u antivirals if prescribed.