Advance your nursing career with Workforce Healthcare

Leading Opportunities for Occupational Healthcare Nurses

Workforce Healthcare provides integrated healthcare solutions, ensuring that all employees have access to quality services within their working environment. One of these services includes onsite clinics, run by Occupational Healthcare Nurses on the company premises.

What do our Occupational
Healthcare Nurses do?

Our nurses are strong willed individuals of an excellent calibre that help us develop and grow our onsite clinics using their unique skills while simultaneously gaining experience. All our nurses are SANC (South African Nursing Council) and SASOHN (South African Society Of Occupational Health Nursing Practitioners) registered. Nurses should also have certification in dispensing, audiometry, vision, and spirometry and a qualification in Occupational Healthcare.

Why our nurses are exceptional

Workforce Healthcare has a nationwide footprint that is rapidly expanding across South African borders. For nurses that are interested in growing themselves professionally and personally, our countless opportunities across multiple industries are just for you.

From managing clinics in top corporate head quarters in Sandton, to looking after miners on gold and platinum mines in the countryside; the opportunities and support are available to you. We have your chance here, we trust you will make the most of it.

These are some of the key duties our nurses perform:


  • Health risk assessments

  • Monitor medical and biological surveillance

  • Exit medicals

  • Helping clients manage chronic diseases

  • Annual screenings

  • Injury on duty

  • Absenteeism management

  • Record keeping

  • Dispensing of medication

  • Medicals


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